Nick Britchford

Counselling & Psychotherapy

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Please note my practice is currently full, and I am unable to take on new clients.  If you are looking for information about ADHD assessments, please click here.

Confidential Counselling Online

Welcome.  Are you feeling overwhelmed with the demands and expectations of work?  Perhaps you are struggling to maintain a work life balance.  Is this creating anxiety within you, or difficulties with your mood?

I offer you a safe space in which you can explore your difficulties.  This can bring clarity to your life, through personal discovery and growth.  You can experience a deeper understanding of who you are.  This is both as a unique individual, and in your relationships with others.

I will give you the space and support to understand your internal world, enabling you to make sense of the issues keeping you stuck.  These may be patterns of behaviour or relating, which impact on your health, wellbeing and professional life.  Understanding yourself more fully, will enable you to develop improved resilience.  By doing so, you can feel more fulfilled in your personal and professional life.  Ultimately it will empower you to develop a balance you feel happy with.

Are You a Public Service Professional?

Welcome.  I believe that the majority of professionals working in public services, share common values.  I also believe you are driven towards providing the best service you can.  As a public service professional, I understand the demands and expectations you experience.  Both those that you take upon yourself, and those which are placed upon you.  I know how these can often lead to struggles and conflict.   

You will also have early life experiences, which impact on your sense of who you are, and how you feel about yourself.    Some of these may be positive, and contribute to you feeling confident and competent.  Others may leave you struggling.  A strong work ethic, and the need to always appear to be coping, can be at personal cost to your wellbeing.  Whether you want to manage professional satisfaction,  your work-life balance or improve your own health and wellbeing, therapy can be beneficial.  

I realise how important it is to balance your own wellbeing, with your professional responsibilities and expectations.  However this can feel challenging when you are working in a poorly resourced service.  I can support you to negotiate and come to terms with the conflicting demands, on your time and mental energy.  I recognise and understand some of the common and often unspoken fears you may have.  These are often experienced by professionals, and may be around vulnerability, fear of failure, and not feeling good enough.

Welcome, I am Nick Britchford.

Curious, Warm, and Understanding

I believe I have a curiosity, openness, and humility towards our work together.  I am genuinely interested in people, their lives and experiences.  Our  therapeutic time together can increase your understanding and self awareness.  This can help you to bring about meaningful change.

I am a medical doctor,  with a long history of working in the NHS.  This has given me a real appreciation and understanding, of the daily rigours and strains of working within complex systems.    I currently work as a GP, and GP trainer, alongside my work as a therapist.   I spent 14 years of my professional life as a psychiatrist.    You can find out more about me here.

Diversity and Inclusion

I acknowledge that I am a white, cisgendered, heterosexual male, who is also educated and professional.  Therefore, I am conscious of having privilege and benefits, which I have not had to ask for.  I have worked with a wonderful variety of diverse people in my life, who haven't had these privileges.  I strive to be inclusive in my work with you, and embrace and support your diversity.   Belonging to a marginalised group impacts your lived experience, including your working life.  This is both distressing and harmful.  If you have experienced oppression or marginalisation, I welcome you warmly .