Last updated on April 4, 2021


I am writing this with the spring Equinox behind us.  With this comes an ever growing excitement, about what is going on outside my window.  The clocks have now changed, and we all have an extra hour of light. For many people this will bring hope, new energy and vigour.  This time of year I can watch trees and plants change on a daily basis. Tiny buds are turning into leaves, and early bulbs are flowering.  The air is often vibrant with the sounds of birdsong.  This week I have watched frogs spawning in our pond.  Seen the first bumblebees warming in the sun.

Hope At A Time of Change

I think back on the last year.  Thoughts which reflect upon the huge sadness, sacrifice and restrictions we have all faced. I recognise how, for many people, the coming months may not bring joy.  Instead they may hold a lot of fear and anxiety. This may be about job security, relationships, family ,and indeed, how life can return to some sense of normality. 

Hope In Small Acts..

My first two paragraphs of this brief post are very personal.  They point towards ways of becoming connected again to our world; to what is around us.  Ways in which people can find some comfort, peace and hope.  Hope can come in many forms, and is often unexpected.  It can start with something as simple as seeing a bulb out in flower, or a bumblebee slowly warming in the sun.  It can sometimes come from small acts of kindness, from a friend, a neighbour or a stranger.  Acts which may seem small and inconsequential, can be so significant and reassuring to another.  Hope is easily lost sight of, when the world is seen as a scary and dangerous place.  Where we cannot socialise, or do things which we are familiar with.  COVID-19 has necessitated huge changes to our lives, and for many people, has made already difficult situations worse.

Returning To Hope…

Many people have lives where safety, open spaces or social contact is not guaranteed, and I am very mindful that it is a privilege to have this. I am personally grateful that I have such privilege and I do not take this for granted.   I want to return to hope.  I believe that we all have capacity to develop and grow.  We all need, just like a plant, the conditions to be in place to help this.  I believe that everyone has so much potential, and that by having the right conditions, hope can grow to become a reality for betterment.