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Counselling & Psychotherapy

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Questions and Fees

Questions & Fees

Below are commonly asked questions, which will give you a bit more information ahead of your free introductory call.   Just click on the question, and a drop down box will appear with the answer.  If you have a question that isn't answered here, please do contact me.

Please tell me the cost of a session

The fees are £60 per 60 minute session.  £90 per 90 minute session, and £120 per 120 minute session.

Getting Started; What Do I Need To Do?

To get started, please contact me here.  We can then arrange a free introductory call at a time that is convenient to you.  I will respond to your contact within 48 hrs.

Is My Therapy Session Confidential?

Everything you share in your therapy session is confidential.  I will not disclose that you are a client, or the content of your therapy sessions to anyone.

The only exceptions to this are:

If you disclose that you will cause serious harm to yourself or another person.

If you or I believe that a child or vulnerable adult is at risk of harm or abuse.

If I am instructed by a court to disclose information.

If you tell me about a proposed act of terrorism, or other illegal act.

Cases are also discussed as part of my clinical supervision, which is part of ethical and safe practice, and a requirement of my professional bodies (UKCP, and UKATA).  I will not use any details which would enable you to be identified.

At the start of therapy, you will be given a privacy notice.  This explains how your information is kept private and confidential.  If you have any other concerns regarding confidentiality, please do get in touch.

Contacting You; How Do I Do This?

You can contact me by WhatsApp, which is end to end encrypted, text message, or phone: 07926 321728

 or email -

or you can complete the contact form here.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

I have a standard cancellation policy requiring 24hrs notice.  For cancellations made with less than 24hrs notice, the full fee will be charged.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

This depends entirely on your individual needs, and what you would like to explore in therapy.  So this is something we will discuss together, and review as needed.  Some people find that short term eg 12 sessions is enough, others prefer longer term or open ended therapy.

Will I Need To Attend Every Week?

Session frequency is something that we will discuss and agree together.   Some people prefer to have longer sessions fortnightly, than hourly sessions weekly.  However, I would recommend that for the first four sessions, we meet weekly, to establish our relationship, and for continuity.

When Can I Have Sessions?

I offer therapy sessions on a Wednesday,  alternate Monday & Fridays, and Saturday Mornings.  I may also be able to offer an early evening session, we will arrange sessions to suit your schedule.  I do not expect sessions to be at the same time each week, particularly as many professionals in public services, work a shift pattern.

Im Late For A Session, What Happens Now?

It is important that you are ready for, and attend your sessions on time.  However, sometimes unforeseen circumstances happen.  I will always need to end the session at the time planned, this is part of the boundary around your session, but I am also likely to have appointments following yours. 

How Do I Know If Therapy Is Right For Me?

There are so many reasons why people want to see a therapist -  there is no right or wrong reason for having therapy.  If it feels like something you need, and that would be helpful, then why not try it?   Therapy enables you to have a safe space and time, for YOU to explore what is important to YOU.  In a space which is confidential, and supportive.

Will You Think Im Crazy?

Many people seek therapy when they are in distress, and feel as though they are not coping.  This sometimes leads to them feeling like they are a bit crazy, or that they will be looked upon as crazy.  You are doing the best you can, and I will not make that judgement of you.

Do Sessions Have To Be Always At The Same Time?

Having sessions at the same time, can support good boundaries and give a feel of consistency and reliability. However, this isn't always possible, particularly if you are a public service professional and work a shift pattern.  We can discuss this and will find a way to work within your needs.

My Friend/Partner/Relative Needs Therapy. Can I Book This For Them?

Although it can be hard to see a friend or loved on in distress, it is important that they take the first steps to contact a therapist.  They can contact me directly, through my website, by email, or phone.

Alternatively, if you feel able to explore this with them, you could suggest they look online to find out more.  Sites like the UK Council for Psychotherapy, the National Counselling Society,  and the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, provide information and can be a good place to start.   Therapist directories such as the Counselling Directory, Harley Therapy, and Psychology Today can also be helpful.

Can I Ask You Something About Diversity & Inclusivity?

If you have any concerns, or questions around inclusivity, diversity, and your needs - or my values, I really do invite you to get in touch with me.  I will be happy to have a conversation with you.

I Dont Feel I Have A Major Problem.. Can I Still Benefit From Therapy?

People choose to engage in therapy for all sorts of reasons.  Despite this they often feel as though their difficulties aren't important enough, or big enough.  If its important to you, and you feel that having a safe and confidential space to explore things will be helpful, then therapy is likely to benefit you.

I Have A Question That Isn't Answered Here.

If you have a question that isn't answered here, please do get in touch.